Molly Barker, Owner, Designer, Creator
Molly Barker
Owner, Designer
At The Rootless Spruce, I make quality leather goods that are timeless, functional and unique that make you feel adventurous and stylish not only while you travel, but on all of life’s daily adventures. My products don’t just look great – they’re thoughtful, versatile and they last.

All items are made by my hands, with the utmost care and attention to detail. I start by using only the highest quality leather from some of America's oldest tanneries and inspect each and every hide before I use them, every hide is thoughtfully planned out with larger pieces cut first in order to minimize waste. I then cut, shape and stitch each piece to completion. 


For wholesale requests, please email me here: info@therootlessspruce.com
Find me on Instagram: @therootlessspruce
Read some of my customer reviews here: TheRootlessSpruce on Etsy